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29th February 2012

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This is apparently coming out in 3 days.

In 3 days, I’m going to start to be a total jogging addict, I think

I’ve been beta testing it and I can confirm it’s actually the greatest app ever. Full iOS release date is as specified, Android release this Spring.

It’s so intense, at one point during the first mission when radio contact was lost, I could hear them trying to contact me “Can you hear us?!” and I literally grabbed the mic and shouted, “I CAN HEAR YOU WHAT DO I DO?” even though that’s not how it works.

I’m just glad nobody was near me.

I need to get an ipod.

or an iphone.

oh my god.



I hate jogging, but NEW HOBBY YES I THINK SO 


So this is kinda really great.


i hate all cardio. but i will DEFINITELY start running with this! does anyone know if it will be free?! PLEASE!?

I’ve been meaning to lose weight…

This is going to make PT SOOOO much more interesting!

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